Frequent gales have to be battled along with lashing rain that

When splitting the numbers by teams batting first and second, the distribution is very even over the last 14 months. The teams batting first and chasing have won exactly 54 games each, while the run rates aren’t very different either. The numbers are quite similar to those between January 2014 and July 4, 2015..

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cheap moncler They were awarded medals for gallantry posthumously and a memorial remembers moncler outlets uk their heroism at the Sarsawa air force station in Uttar Pradesh.Sergeant Sahu, the youngest among these heroes, was 28, the womens moncler jackets only son of his parents.Please click NEXT to read more.Far from the civilian population, the men at this radar station discount moncler outlet live away from families, without much contact with the outside world serving at a station designated as a ‘hard posting,’ where the weather throws a fresh challenge almost everyday.Frequent gales have to be battled along with lashing rain that comes down hard, rattling the tin roofs fastened with sandbags to make them extra secure.The strong winds are often accompanied with a biting chill factor and huge lightening arrester equipments are used to counter thunder storms.Here, nature often displays moncler outlet online all its varying facets in a single day cheap moncler hail, rain, cold, sunshine, even a rainbow. “I have been less than a year here, but I have seen all the seasons during this time,” says Flight Lieutenant Pankaj Malik, who hails from Bhopal and is the first member of his family and among his friends to join India’s armed forces.In the surrounding area, there are other IAF units which do not even have road connectivity and are maintained entirely by air support.The walk to one such site is almost 14 kilometres long.The availability of water poses the other big challenge, perhaps even bigger than the weather and terrain. The water point is situated 30 kilometres downhill from where it is pumped up. cheap moncler

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