Heath Mello brought up the concept as a road mapmany times

Senators open to changes to allow rideshare in Nebraska

canada goose black friday sale TNC law in Coloradorequires car sharing companies, or their drivers, to carry primary commercial insurance coverage for the period canada goose store when a driver has logged into their Lyft or UberX app but hasn been hailed, the Denver Post reported. It also adds other insurance protections. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose clearance sale Although no plans are currently in place, Sen. Heath Mello brought up the concept as a road mapmany times during his testimony to the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee on Thursday. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose The hearing, which spanned more than five hours, was meant to bean educational process for senators. cheap Canada Goose

Supporters, detractors, Lyft Canada Goose Jackets drivers, representatives from the ridesharing companies, cab companies and insurance companies all gave their thoughts. There weren any or testimony and nothing was decided Thursday.

But several senators in the hearing expressed interest in showing that Nebraska is for business while trying to navigate the choppy waters canada goose clearance sale of continuing to allow Uber and Lyft to operate illegally until a proper solution can be legislated.

Canada Goose Parka A new law couldn canada goose uk outlet be made until the 2015 legislative session begins in cheap canada goose uk January, and still would likely take months to pass. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose store not a matter canada goose of if we embrace it, but when and how we incorporate (ridesharing) into transportation structure while maintaining safety, said Sen. Jim Smith. canada goose store

canada goose clearance He later bristled at an Uber lawyer who tried to explain why they came in without following regulations. canada goose clearance

we getting at here is that we want to work with this, but Canada Goose sale you’re not doing yourself good when you defend the way (Uber)came in here, he said. trying to be helpful and work with you, but also want to have (Uber)work the Nebraska way, with integrity, honesty and transparency. owners say Uber, Lyft need to play by same rules

canada goose deals Kirby Young, owner of the Lincoln based Servant Cab, was particularly upset canada goose outlet with the way the ridesharing service broke the law by operating without the Public Service Commission support. canada goose deals

Young had applied to serve Omaha with cabs two years ago, but the PSC denied his request.

they are trying to get laws changed while continuing to break it Is this the Canada Goose online perception that this state and legislative body wants to set? Young asked. we want Canada Goose Online to send the message that we want companies to canada goose uk shop come in cheap Canada Goose and break the law and we will change it later for them just because they don fit? you have enough money, a $19 billion valuation, you can force your way and will on the people while crushing current business? You shouldn even consider changing or modifying a law until they stop and prove they can play by the rules.

Canada Goose Jackets Young argued: can put lipstick on a pig orput a mustache on a car and it’s still a pig and still transport for hire. Their operation has been a slap in face to the PSC, legislative body and state. Annette Dubas asked several testifiers how the state should handle the illegal nature of the services until a solution can be found. Few had an answer. In Detroit, the city has agreed to a temporary legal blessing. Canada Goose Jackets

Ron Hug of Carter Lake City Taxi, however, said he buy canada goose jacket cheap doesn think legislative changes are needed. Uber and Lyft just need to follow the rules in place.

Canada Goose online City Taxi service has taken a hit on Friday and Saturday nights, primetime for making money. Hug says revenue from those nights support putting cabs canada goose clearance out on the street Sunday through Thursday, Canada Goose Outlet where they often serve buy canada goose jacket elderly, poor or people with disabilities who don have smartphones. Canada Goose online

take the 84 year old vet to the doctors appointment or the single mother to a grocery store, Hug said. and Lyft won do that. We do that. drivers say it nice to make money, meet new people, get drunks off road

canada goose coats on sale During the morning session,Ben Wallace, an Omaha Lyft driver said he supports background checks, insurance requirements and vehicle inspections because want to be taken care of just as much as I want my canada goose uk black friday riders to be taken care of. He cited the recent policy to have $1 million in primary insurance from the company. canada goose coats on sale

He said he became a canadian goose jacket driver for the money, but also to get drunk drivers off the road.

Now it about the in ridesharing, he says.

buy canada goose jacket cheap being part of uk canada goose something bigger than yourself, making it a community Canada Goose Parka people really want to live in,” Wallace said. “That’s the core of what ride sharing is about it’s the sharing piece of it.” buy canada goose jacket cheap

One Lyft driver, Vicki Clark, who plays disco and hands out Starbursts to her riders, canada goose coats said she wants more insurance companies open to covering ridesharing drivers.

She said she was rear ended while driving, a three car pileup, and while Lyft insurance covered her passenger medical cost from whiplash, she was kicked off her own insurance for driving for Lyft, something personal insurance frowns upon.

canada goose “The common quote from all the insurance company representatives I spoke to is that it’s so new they don’t know quite how to wrap their heads around it, Clark said. “They’re kind of slow to evolve.” canada goose

canadian goose jacket David Arnold, Straight Shot accelerator managing director and representative of the Omaha Young Professionals group, sayshe and the Omaha http://www.canadagoosesalesus.com Chamber don want to pick winners or losers, but hope to address a regulatory structure that welcomes new innovative business models. canadian goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket isnot just for sake of consumers, but also recognizing Nebraska as a desitination where innovation and business can thrive. We hope to attract thosesmart, innovative people and want them to stay here, he said. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Outlet Committee Chairperson Sen. Annette Dubas asked how Nebraska can address innovative business models and issues going forward to avoid a similar situation Canada Goose Outlet.

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