honestly i can remember on which occasion low insurance caused

award winning canadian artist jessica borutski made us this

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high quality Replica Hermes (also you propably someone who uses his super in a proper way which includes refits).however that kind of fit on a carrier would bring a 2b ship up to 10b+ easily, so forgive me doubting people are gonna do that.honestly i can remember on which occasion low insurance caused people to invest more on defense. (see full krabmode supers or old T2 anything)Dreads are gonna be affected but here again rich groups that can easily replace them are gonna be much less affected gameplay wise.MrGothmogIS THIS A FLAIR? 3 points submitted 15 days agoYeah, well, that the thing, I do carry refits, plus the usual “Nestor in SMB”. If spending the extra coin improves my survivability notably, the cost is justified IMO, especially on a 18B (at time of purchase) ship high quality Replica Hermes.

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