In Abyss, you can gather targets with Celestial Hymn,

I know SK will change the game soon, but what else do people do to make abyss less tedious?There cheap retros for sale are quite a few combos you can use that actually include Judah as well.In Abyss, you can use cheap jordans online real Valkyrie Ranger with freezing gun to gather and then freeze, into Valkyrie Pledge QTE dropping Judah and then switching to Snowy Sniper with a Laser to DPS and freeze when the cc ends. Alternatively you can just spam cheap jordans online for sale rockets since they be clustered.For MA, you can use Valkyrie Pledge with Judah, dropping Judah and ulting immediately if you have Lightning Empress leader cause of the bonus SP. Switch to Lightning Empress with Raikiri active to trigger a huge amount of hits from the blade Aura.In Abyss, you can gather targets with Celestial Hymn, inflicting defense down impair, switch to Dimension Break which inflicts time slow and bleed, and switch into Violet Executor QTE who has one of the strongest damage QTE in the game.

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