In other words, even though our body might be screaming that

Sure, they QA lead would be responsible but they would need to throw someone under the bus at the end of the day, and it just so happens that said leaker might have just copped it at the wrong time.My last job had a depot manager EXACTLY like this.I living proof was let go from a job being told I wasn progressing when I was being praised highly on a review literally a week prior(I just so happened to be due a raise fairly soon and they had new workers on tap, just like the QA industry from what I heard). It was also done via text message, where I had to ask what the reason was. With the contract I had, they could easily let me go for whatever reason they wanted anyway so long as they don write it down in official paperwork.But it pretty obvious we knew there were development issues on BO4 from campaign to multiplayer to blackout, and what do ya know.

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