“That’s a long time in only six months something major could

“People in New Hampshire are retested behind the wheel at the age of 75, and then they’re tested every five years after that,” said Plourde, a certified occupational therapist and driver rehabilitation specialist Canada Goose Outlet at Exeter Healthcare.”That’s a long time in only six months something major could happen (that would affect a person’s ability to drive),” said Frazier, an occupationaltherapist and driver rehabilitation specialist at EHC.Which is what sparked Frazier, manager of the EHC Drive Ability program, to come up with a driver education program dedicated to seniors that would brush up their driving skills.”After going back to become a licensed driving instructor myself, I couldn’t believe how much I d forgotten, not learned or had become lax about,” said Frazier.The senior driving course falls under the https://www.arconserve.ca umbrella of EHC’s Drive Ability program, which offers a variety of driving related services for people of all ages.Specifically, the driver education for seniors program provides seniors with a four week course that includes two hours of classroom instruction per week, and one hour per week of one on one instruction behind the wheel in a Drive Ability vehicle.While the class costs $195, Frazier and Plourde feel the money spent proves to be invaluable.”We’re trying to keep people driving as long as they can,” Plourde said. “We do this by teaching them the latest traffic laws, which are constantly changing, as well as new safety features in vehicles, and why driving too slowly is actually dangerous.””We also help improve their overall driving skills,” Frazier added. “We help them reposition their mirrors, and teach special driving skills required to pass the New Hampshire driver’s test.

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