The Bobcats, who haven’t lost a UCBAC meet for many years,

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The perfect thing to play in the background while you sell something. The ONLY reason I was able to watch it is because I got off work due to my kid being born. The timing is horrible, the day itself is horrible, and I don think Clemson vs Bama pt IV is the reason it did so poorly.Put this game on a Saturday night and the ratings jump immensely, bars will play it, monday friday people will watch it, east coast people won have to debate if they want to go to work on five hours of sleep, and it would honestly make more sense.Flex the Saturday playoff games to 1 and 4, keep the CFB championship at 7/8, and profit.

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cheap air force 12, 2018″ > >Bel Air wrestlers open home season with dual meet win over Patterson MillNearby rivals met on the mat Wednesday night as Patterson Mill made the short trip on Rt. 924 to battle host Bel Air in an UCBAC Chesapeake Division dual wrestling meet. The Bobcats, who haven’t lost a UCBAC meet for many years, started fast and ended faster in a 52 21 win. cheap air force

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