The NA players were 3/4 rookies and played amazingly for their

Bwipo about his semifinal matchup

I always canada goose outlet mississauga find Rekkles to be really humble. Really impressed he made the decision earlier this year to stand down briefly because he was aware he wasn playing the best he could, it takes some real self awareness to canada goose outlet orlando do the right thing in the situation.Sure, he cocky at times but that sort of goes without saying. canada goose outlet online When you interviewed of course you going to try and big yourself up and say that you going to win. It not like pro players are exactly going to get interviewed and canada goose outlet uk say “Nah, we totally going to lose this. Bwipo is playing with a lot of veterans, including being canada goose outlet real mentored under canada goose jacket outlet uk the best (or at least second now) top laner and Coach the west ever produced. Faker didn’t have that and his canada goose outlet edmonton team was made 8 months before worlds.I won’t go into too many details because I would have to do some research and I can’t now, but I wouldn’t open and shut say Bwipo had a better rookie year than Faker. canada goose stockists uk This would be up for discussion, and would take quite a bit canada goose outlet shop of evidence.That said, canada goose outlet black friday I could be convinced Bwipo had the best rookie year. Just need to see all of both sides laid out.Edit: Sorry I misunderstood Youngbucks role. Every “rookie” pro player, including canada goose outlet in new york Licorice, has played in minor leagues. Offline LAN tournaments on one team or another, Challenger leagues, minor leagues. It is his rookie year in a major league, in the LCS. He has never played on a big stage before this, or against players anywhere near this caliber.Where did he say that anyway? It was well known he would have won Rookie of the Split in Summer, except because he technically played in Spring playoffs he had too few games to earn it in Spring but was no longer qualified for Summer. First is side selection, if you are blue side its very easy to play top lane canada goose outlet toronto address from a defensive standpoint, so in this case laning against the ekko becomes easier in the longer lane that keeps him safer and have a easier time to control the canada goose outlet ottawa wave. The second part is that the way Ekko wants to play is pushing and using brushes to get in good combos, obviously this still works in top lane but its completly telegraphed because you only have so much room to work with, while in mid lane he puhses you in and when you go to try and push the wave after he dissapears, he pops up from a brush and has already cast his W. The matchup plays out completly differently in the top lane, in mid lane with E max Viktor the canada goose parka uk matchup is Ekko win. I think C9 is an amazing team but holy shit they got dismantled in Picks and Bans. Its very obvious to me that the Viktor top lane threw a wrench into C9 plans and their practice revolved around doing something about it but Jensen and Sven best picks Noc/Zil was being respected and banned appropriately while Licorice whom is obviously unpracticed on that champion got absolutely destroyed. I wanted more out of Sneaky but Rekkles wasn slacking and isn a worse player by a noticeable margin if he is.Damn.Don want to sound at all negative, but I think after the dust settles on this tournament the canada goose victoria parka outlet C9 hype will die down quite a bit.Imo neither of their solo laners played particularly well in this tournament as a team, they read the meta super well and so their solo laners were on carries and carried.But think of all the games where they gone up against other carries directly Jizuke impressed more than Jensen (imo), Kiin impressed more than Licorice, and canada goose outlet in montreal both Caps and Bwipo impressed more than Jensen and Licorice. The NA players were 3/4 rookies and played amazingly for their first year. Zeyzal was HUGE in their success with many engages helping C9 pick up some teamfights they should have lost, Licorice played against some insane top laners his first year and still continued to make game changing world caliber plays. Jensin Sven and Reapered all deserve the credit they get but I sick of this EU hour shitting on anyone from NA. We played the best year we have so far and still people will discredit them of anything they have achieved. I didn see any preparation coming from c9 into this series.Sneaky without lucian/braum looked really weak. That viktor pick was really questionnable.Licorice clearly isn comfortable on canada goose outlet toronto ekko and his builds were terrible (rushing sorceries into double ap lol). I assume he also cannot play jayce considering their game 3 draft.Svenskeren showed nothing the entire series : dude has been overhyped a lot after quarters just because he played with 3 winning lanes the entire series, but canada goose outlet toronto location in reality his early game pathing are oftenly questionnable and he doesn do anything when lanes are not winning alone already. Also he didn bring any new pick into this series, sticking to xin/graves.

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